Sewerage & Garbage. Line being laid in C Area Kalapul



The situation of sewage drains and garbage accumulation is very severe in Katchi Abadis. The photograph you see is of the C Area which is between Hazara Colony in NA 250 and the Railway line just below the Defence Bridge. An open drain along side the bricks is also visible. There is a lot of garbage around and the children play there with the danger of falling into the drain because of plastic bags floating on top, the drain is not visible. Our NA250 team led by Mr Samar Khan and myself approached the Clifton Cantonment Board (CCB) to help lay a drain pipe line though the area is of the Railways.


Our team visited the area with CCB officials. The residents of the area and our PTI members who live in the area explained the extent of the problem to us. The work has started and about 1200 ft drain pipe line is being laid. On 17th Feb we revisited the area to look at progress. The Sindh government has not allocated any funds for NA250 as a whole since the last two years, but we have managed to coax Brig Farrukh of CCB who is fully cooperating in providing relief (even in areas not under their direct control, like in this situation.




While the drainage is being looked at, the garbage has to be picked up. Our team arranged some trucks for the same.  We also intend to establish 2 Katchra Kundis and with the help of some community projects, educate and motivate the residents to improve their sanity standard and start by dumping the garbage in the Kundi rather than spread everywhere. The effect on health is disastrous. Beyond the bridge the situation is the same but it lies in NA251 which is not our area but we would encourage the same activity on theother side.





It is interesting that when we went back yesterday there was a very appreciative crowd, ready to cooperate and improve their own living conditions.  This gives us hope that once the opportunity is provided, people are ready to get out of the squalid conditions they live in.  Samar and I must thank our team including Mr Saleemuddin Kazi, Mr Iftikhar Farooqi as well as PTI team in the area Rabbani Sb, Khursheed Tanoli, Dr Rafeeq and others for their untiring efforts.  The Clifton Cantonment Board should also be appreciated.

Dr Arif Alvi

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