Sindh neglected in Interior Ministry's PSDP budget 2017-18


In the National Assembly Standing Committee on Ministry of Interior & Narcotics Control of which I am a member, the PSDP budget for 2017-18 was presented on 14th February 2017. It was really shocking to see that there were no projects for Sindh and very little funds were earmarked as compared to other provinces.  I raised a strong protest on the issue and refused to pass such a budget proposal. My objections are as follows:

16th Feb 2017


NA Standing Committee on Interior and Narcotics Control. 

Ref: Meeting held on 14th Feb 2017

 Dear Sir,

With regard to the PSDP proposal presented by the Ministry in the above meeting I would like to record my objection that the distribution of the projects in the PSDP for 2017-18 is very skewed and unfair.  In the entire list the projects in Sindh amounted to only Rs 45 Million while that of other provinces were much higher. Rs 400 million were allocated to Punjab projects, 170 million to KP projects, 180 million to Islamabad projects, 300 million to Balochistan projects and a paltry 45 million to Sindh where terrorism has been at its peak.  A statement was made that in previous years the expenditure was balanced but on further inquiry there was no breakdown or data available from the previous years.

This un-even provincial distribution is unhealthy in a federation.

My objection may be attached to the report and I request the Ministry to urgently revise this expenditure to identify much needed projects in Sindh and balance this distribution.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Arif Alvi

Member of the NA Committee on Interior
MNA - 250


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