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plzzz party se nikalo

plzzz party se nikalo plzzz

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Dear Dr. Arif Alvi,

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PTI must Recognize the Issues and pain of Karachiites.

pti khi dint even release a sticker for khiite over police brutality ... i think ur central leadeship must have come up with model town massacre attention ... why do we need a;ways dead bodies to give head to the ordinary ppl real life issues ... specially when it is our job to protect their liberty and lives ... nonetheless at the hands of the law enforcement agencies ... sind police is a shame PTI Khi must condemn it open load and publicly !

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Making professional beggars useful citizens

NA-250 is populated with professional beggars and they exist at every important public and private place. My suggestion is that to train all such professional and non professional beggars into useful citizens by training them some work (tailor, carpenter, cobbler etc.) so that they may use it to earn their livelihood. For this purpose, a toll free number may be issued to inform about location of the beggars in order to pick them up and some place to train them. A course of 1 or 2 month will be sufficient for this purpose and ultimately this area will become beggar free as many of them will get an honorable work and other may leave the area.thanks

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Poor Condition of Roads in Qayyumabad

It is to inform u that about 3 months ago the Roads of Qayyumabad A area and C area were broken for placing sewerage line. but after the installation of sewerage line the roads were left broken, no carpeting was done. Now u are requested to please fix these roads to reduce the difficulties of people living there.another issue is that in the area of Qayyumabad, there is no "Kachra Kundi", therefore people are throwing garbage in streets, please place Kachra Kundi in the area. Hope u will not disappoint the people of Qayyumabad. Thanx

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An issue to be resolved.

Hello Team PTI, I being a responsible citizen of Pakistan and a supporter of a party that advocates justice even in its name want to point at something that needs to be addressed as i found it real tangible issue. here's a link of a article written in Express Tribune and has some serious concerns: I know this might not be the right forum to talk about it but there's no option to send a message on PTI official fb page so i had no other means of communication. Hope the issue is addressed asap. regards, A supporter

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Party Elections on WORK base not on contact base will rejuvenate the PTI

I am interested to work with you to have your party elections on WORK base not on count base. This way you can have real talent who can bring the CHANGE. Like IK has done the phenomenal job by building a CANCER HOSPITAL. You may start this by your area and I can help you. We need to give assignments or people may chose them-self that what they want to do at their own. then after a certain time (which will be given them) we need to judge how successful one is. On the bases of their work we need to number them and one who gets the highest number for particular seat or designation should be given the chance to work on border scale with the help of the party, That way we can have good and young leaders. Stay blessed, Tauseef Usmani 0300-201-3535.

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karachi circular railway

sir please raise the issue of karachi circular railway which is pending for last 8 year , and no one getting involved seriously in it , it is the main project for Karachi , as it become necessary for people of Karachi who are affected by the current situation of transportation and its getting worst day by day , also it will reduce the high peak of traffic jams. and it will also suitable for travelling goods transportation also . khan sb is also at sindh , so please tell him to raise this issue . thank you

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Electoral Reforms

sir, I am a research student at University of Peshawar, Department of Political Science and did my research on Comparative Study on ECs of India and Pakistan. I have prepared some suggesstions which I want to share with you and your party and its chief. your help in this regard is sought. Farhad Khan, Conatct# 03329744559

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Water Shortage in Clifton

Firstly i'd like to thank our elected representatives to give us this platform to express our views and ideas towards their governing body in the constituency NA-250. My problem is that there has been an extreme water shortage in the area Block 8 , Clifton , Near The Clifton Underpass. This problem isn't new but has been there since the past 2 years. The so called 'line' isn't receiving water to get us going and we have to order water tankers. So can our elected representatives please look into this matter and fix it As soon as possible.

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Local Bodies Elections

Why PTI Lost in Punjab ... ??????? Pti ne purany or loyal workerz ko ignore kia nd ticket un mufad prast logu ko diay jin ko pti ma shamil hoay boht thora time hoa h .. Jo worker pti nd imran khan se sincere he or real change k liay pti ma ay .. Aj unhain side line kia ja rha h .. Or mufad prast nd aisy log jinhain apni sabqa party ma koi future ni nazar aa rha h , wo log aj pti k karta dharta bny hoay he .. I thnk pti ne b awam ko boht mayos kia h .. Pti se agr imran khan k nam ko hata dia jy to phr .. PTI=PML N=PPP=ANP etc sb status quo ki parties he ...... Aj b koi imran khan ko smja do k Jis tabdeeli nd jin logu k khilaf tm ne party bnae thi .. Unhen logu ki fouj zafar mouj aj tmary agy pechy ha .. Or ye log kaisy apny mufad k khilaf koi kam hne dain gy ,, Kia qabza group chahy ga k hmara patwari ka system thek ho .. ? Kia ye corupt politicians chahen gy k police nd judiciary ka system thek ho .. ? Kia koi choor chahy ga k thana culture thek ho .. ? .. Nai .. to ye sb log jo imran khan k agy pechy phrty he to ye kaisy tabdeeli ane dain gy ..... ????

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Water Shortage

Hello Sir, Karachi is having serious Water issues now. No water since long. Please manage to arrange a rally or protest this will create a good impression in karachites for PTI

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Cleaning the constituency

Though cleaning drives are good, I think it'll be better if there is a proper process of garbage collection from all areas of the constituency. Also need to spread awareness so people keep their areas clean.

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Sindh Governor Nomonation

I would like to suggest here one thing, just a suggestion as per KHI circumstances and situation. As Governor issue is going on now a days. I want to say why does not PTI recommend Asad Umar as a Governor in Sindh? He is the best suitable candidate for this position. PTI can discuss with Central govt to nominate him.

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Sir I am a resident of NA-250. You guys are doing a great job but I have a suggestion. I know that right now your main focus is education and health, which is a good thing, but I think if devote some of your resources to the development of infrastructure then that would be tremendous. Two things which I have in mind are road carpeting and encroachments. I had this in my mind for a long time but I didn't bring it up because I believed that there were other more grave concerns in this constituency, which you guys are handling tremendously, but now almost two years have passed and I believe its about time you guys give attention to these problems as well. With every passing day, the traffic in getting insane in this city. Thinking about going out somewhere when offices get off/leaving office(between 5:30pm-8:00pm) it sounds like a tedious job after a long day at work. If you can repair the roads in the constituency I can promise you that you will win this seat again for sure! Everyone will vote for you! The aim of PTI is to make live easier of a citizen who is already troubled with various different ills of this country be it justice, security or inflation. I, being a member of office going class know their pain and they really want you to fix this problem since most of the times it takes hours to commute back n forth from the office. So please fix(carpet) the roads in adjoining areas of Bath Island, Cantt.(specially McNeil road and Adam road), Gizri, road leading from Kala pul to Jinnah Hospital(extremely bad condition), and Chanesar road. Encroachments in adjoining areas of saddar(specially mobile market), burns road, zainab market, kabootar chowk and civil hospital. Please work upon parking spaces as well to me made available in these office areas, I know that will take a while but please keep that mind. If you fix these two problems then I can bet you a majority of residents of NA-250 will be really happy with you. Also, one more thing that I have noticed is that not a lot of people know the work you guys are doing, they do not know about this website and do not really follow the facebook pages and ask what has PTI done uptill now. So, I suggest that where ever you guys are working make sure there are huge PTI banners so that every passer by see the work PTI is doing and Install board where PTI has done any construction work or other things so people know what you guys are up to. Publicize as much as you are publicizing on-line because not a lot of people use the internet and we're not a party representing only the middle class but also the lower class so keep them in mind as well. maybe you can give out flyers to tell the residents the list of things that have been done in their constituency so that they can decide if justice to their vote has been done or not and through that way you can also ask for help and Feedback which is very important in today's time. you need to have their consent. These were my suggestions. Hope you will like them and give them a good thought about how to work on these things. I will be eagerly waiting to see you guys work in this sector too and wish you all the best and thank you for all the amazing work you guys are already doing. Thankyou. AYI AYI PTI!!! LETS MAKE NAYA NA-250!

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Voice of a Tabdeli Razakar, My heart Beat is only for better PAKISTAN

Sir G i am from Punjab NA-177, i really impressed by this step and specially offering a direct contact publicly with MPA's. My request is can you please discuss this idea in the core committee of PTI, and present this as a prototype in front of Party Chairman Sir Imran Khan. Thanks Mehboob Ahmad

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I live NA250 area Altaf Town near Crossing Bhitai Colony, our big problem clean drinking water my suggestion is please prepare to water supply line in Altaf town.

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PTI is a party of 'khush-gawar tabdeeli' I hope PTI raises its voice not for just religious extremism but also for secular extremism at the same time so both these factors can be addressed in comparison to each other . Imran Khan always says' Allah AL-HAQ ha' so I think there is a need to counter the secular and vulgar culture that is being unleashed on pakistani society. Allah ta'la will help us.Please make the message clear among masses as PTI enjoys mammoth support in all circles. Thanks PTI Zindabad

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Take away nurseries/ breeding grounds of Hatred from terrorists.

We, the voter community, in each constituency of Pakistan should participate fully in educational institutions and Masajids of our locality. People should fund, take care and govern schools and masajids in their local areas including Deeni Madaris and Masjid Schools which should be merged with Vernacular schools in every locality. Civic society should take away these breeding grounds of terrorism (in the garb of Madaris) into their own hands and not let them be festered with the sponsors of sectarianism, preachers of hatred and Zia-ism.

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