Chaotic & corrupt Sindh Govt vehicle management system Karachi

Protocol.jpgThis survey was conducted by concerned citizens of Karachi, Nazim Haji, Naeem Sadiq & others, due to serious issues of use of illegal number plates and unregistered vehicles plying on our streets. It is indeed shocking to note that the Sindh Govt, Karachi Police and all officials are a major party in this illegal activity.

The summary is as follows:

  1. 17 % of all government  vehicles plying on the roads are non-registered vehicles.
  2. 13% registered vehicles suffer from inaccuracies of data such as a Honda registered as a Corolla or a Suzuki registered as a Hilux.
  3. Hundreds vehicles  use fake POLICE  appearances / look-alikes / number plates and remain unchecked.
  4. Over 100,000 privately registered vehicles adopt various fraudulent methods such as using green number plates and writing Govt. of Sindh or Govt. of Pakistan on the number plate  - to impersonate / disguise themselves as official government vehicle.
  5. Hundreds of vehicle can be seen on the roads that carry private and personalized number plates.
  6. 100,000 to 200,000 vehicles (both private and government), have not registered  with the E&T Department and for years continue to carry an AFR number.

Appendices A to F carry many photographs documenting this Sindh governments illegal activities.

Please read details of the survey and the recommendations at the end in the following document:

Karachi Vehicle Data 2017 by Arif Alvi on Scribd

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