Party Elections on WORK base not on contact base will rejuvenate the PTI

I am interested to work with you to have your party elections on WORK base not on count base. This way you can have real talent who can bring the CHANGE. Like IK has done the phenomenal job by building a CANCER HOSPITAL. You may start this by your area and I can help you. We need to give assignments or people may chose them-self that what they want to do at their own. then after a certain time (which will be given them) we need to judge how successful one is. On the bases of their work we need to number them and one who gets the highest number for particular seat or designation should be given the chance to work on border scale with the help of the party, That way we can have good and young leaders. Stay blessed, Tauseef Usmani 0300-201-3535.

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