TORs for Panama Papers' Investigation (both Govt & Opposition)

 Opposition_TORs.jpgWithin two days of meetings between the opposition parties represented in Parliament, a brief statement was made on the first day (2nd May 2016). Then a TOR document was finalised and released within 24 hours on the 2nd day (3rd May 2016). PTI was represented by: Mr Shah Mehmood Qureishi, Mr Hamid Khan, Mr Jahangir Tareen, Mr Asad Umar, Dr Shireen Mazari and myself. The PMs letter and his TORs as well as the TORs of the opposition can be read here:

First is the letter of the Prime Minister Mr Nawaz Sharif to the Chief Justice and TORs (wait for its opening and then scroll through):

The TORs of the Opposition:

Dr Arif Alvi

Member of PTI Team for TORs

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  • Hamid Malik
    thnks 4 taking pain 2 share TORs, prima facei,opposition TORs seems ok >except a deliberate attempt to malign/involve PM name itself rather than people named in P Leaks,
    >Govt 4 points TORs are same as of Govt except more details & narration.
    >P leaks episode started on 4 Apr & opposition took almost 30 days to come up with TORs. Wat does it mean, No home work & indepth analysis on the said leaks before asking PM to resign,took to street, created uncertainity & chaos in the country,Is it responsible behaviour ?? a knee jerk kind of reaction.
    >Stock exchange lost 300+ points ,Productivity ,GDP, Tax collection suffered ,& economic sentiment got down.
    >I challenge & will b surprised if yr ecnomic team can answer instantly ,how much Tax/day is being collected in Pakistan during last 9 months?
    answer is 7.69 billion Pak Rs per day, inspite of tax evasion.
    Once u have a Dharna or rally tax collection suffers,bcause filer say that on such & such days no production. But who cares ??
    >Combined opposition TORs are a welcome development but let the commission headed by Chief Justice(who is reluctant to take this responsibility due to irresponsible behaviour & raising eye brows on Judges integrity & competancy.
    >Anactment of new law,as suggested by opposition will b another delaying factor but we agree to that.
    Hamid Malik