Tree Plantation in Qayyumabad


Samar.jpgThe PTI Team of NA250 is environmentally very conscious and has always believed that Karachi should be much greener than what it is.  Trees provide shade, counter pollution and freshen up the air.  As a campaign we have been planting trees. Our current focus is to plant them in and around the government schools we are helping to restore. On Saturday 31st Jan 2014 MPA Samar Khan, myself and our team of volunteers decided to do the same in the Qayyumabad Government School.

Ms Sameen Fuoad is the lead person of our Environment team that also takes care of cleanliness and garbage issues in NA250.  The team decided to plant trees along the boundary wall of the school.  We planted some fruit trees as well.  Reminded me of my school days trying to stone-drop the red, ripe 'badaam' etc. to the chagrin of the principal and going through many after school punishments in this regard.  Hopefully this would not happen here.

Samar Khan MPA and I discussed whether we should plant Conocarpus which is a fast growing tree and now very common in Karachi. The general opinion is that it is less preferable than other trees but it has a distinct advantage of good foliage and fast growth. In the top picture you see him planting a tree with the help of Mr Iftikhar Farooqi who is our primary organiser and volunteer in PS113.


Here you see Mrs Sameen Fuoad and her husband watching over while Samina Alvi and I take part in this satisfying effort to make NA250 'Clean and Green'.  Our entire team including Mrs Yasmeen, Mustafa, Mr Zahid Asghar, Aslam Khaliq, Saleem Kazi were there and have been working in our constituency on this program. Mr Waleed Ansari who is an advocate and an expert on tree plantation has been providing the saplings.

If you have any suggestions or an area in mind do let us know, and we will be glad to make it greener.

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  • Quaid Johar Abdabhai
    Very nice indeed but there should be a strong reaction from all tree and environment lovers against the ruthless cutting of old trees on main share faisal opposite hotel mehran for reason of constructing underpass, KMC should have at least asked some experts to provide solution for securing these trees or could have designed in such a way the construction that trees could have been saved, I think someone should be accountable for such a disaster of nature!""