Visit to Dhabeji & Pipri to Solve Water Crisis

Read PTI's Short-term, Mid-term & Long-term Proposals for Karachi Water Crisis


REPORT: We as elected representatives of your areas, are committed on solving the perpetual water crisis in Karachi / NA250. Our strategy is not to wait for the crisis until Summer but to solve this as soon as possible.

On Sunday we visited Pipri / Dhabeji to inspect why Karachi gets less than 450MGD of allocated and available 550MGD water. Accompanying me were MPAs Samar Khan, Khurrum SherZaman, Dr Seema Zia, Elected CBC Counsellors, CBC Officials, DHA Officials, Karachi Electric & Team NA250.

Like many areas of Karachi there is serious water shortage which has severely impacted our NA250 as well. We are committed to solving this mess and are looking for measures where CBC/DHA can invest to help improve water supply.

We had a thorough briefing by KWSB officials at Dhabeji & Pipri pumping stations. Initially we were not given correct figures by the concerned officials, but on deeper questioning & grilling, the reality emerged.

The supply from Indus coming to Karachi is about 550 MGD. Dhabeji can only pump 480MGD (I suspect less than 450) because some pumps are as old as 1958. No change has taken place since 2006 & not a drop of water increased, despite the huge problems Karachi faced in 2015.

Federal Govt has put in money for K4 for which I also lobbied with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar at budget time and raised Federal grant from 50 crores to 50% of the eventual Rs 25 Billion needed. Sindh Govt on the other hand has not put up its share yet, there are abundant stories of corruption and reports of media promises many from last summer which have long been forgotten.

PTI's proposals for Karachi Water Crisis


Short term and concrete plans for this summer (2016): 

  1. Immediate repair of the water pumps = Rs 1 Billion
  2. Standby Electricity from Thatta / Gharo to be managed by Karachi Electric as loss of electricity results in wastage of water spilling into the Arabian sea
  3. 4 Km electricity line that needs repair Rs 4 Crore
  4. Closure of illegal water hydrants & tanker mafia (Rangers had closed Chakragoth hydrant, but the mafia opened another one at Lalabad which siphons off water coming to NA250 areas). Rangers to help do this throughout Karachi.
  5. Major illegal connections for factories estimated at 20 MGD must be closed.
  6. Education and efforts by the public for water conservation


Mid Term plan to be completed in two years:

  1. Purchase of four new water pumps for Dhabeji, each having a capacity of 25+MGD
  2. Construction of water conduit from Haleji to Dhabeji which will add 69 MGD of water for Karachi


Long Term Plan within 5 years:

  1. Completion of K-4 for which Federal Government is committed to share 50% of the costs.  This will ensure that Karachi gets about 1200 MGD of Water.
  2. Start re-cycling of water, to be used for other than domestic purposes
  3. Install Water Desalination plants


The above tasks need to be completed within six months because If these PTI proposals are not followed, in summer 2016 we will have a major water shortage crisis & I fear we will see water riots in Karachi.

We are committed to pushing for a solution with immediate effect, we urge residents of NA250 to use their influence amongst influentials to push for this solution, each voice matters and we will inshallah solve this crisis as a team.

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  • Mahmood Hussain
    Dear Dr Alvi Thanks for visiting Dhabeji to have view on solving water problem fot Karachi. Submitting your three phase report to solve this problem. The problem is evident for long time and it persist for ever. The major problem is unwillingness of Sindh Government, KMC and local stake holder to solve the issue and invest to solve major issue. Secondly there is no ownership for this city of Karachi despite the people came from various part of Pakistan to settle here still their heart and mind are from where they or their ancestor’s came . We need to open our heart & mind to solve this measure issue. This city Karachi is business hub and way to ecomic prosperity for Pakistan. It is approximately 12% of population of Pakistan. This poor city has excellent property it absorb and accomdate any one who want to settle here in very ecnomical way.We all have to own this city for prosperity and ecnomic development of Pakistan on long term basis. Wish you best of luck. Best Regards Mahmood Hussain email
  • Mahmood Hussain
    Thanks for visiting and forming detail report with highlighting t
  • shakil
    Water issue is self created specially in Clifton and DHA. It’s corruption of tanker mafia. Our hope is PTI. I am a resident of Clifton Block. 2 where we pay water charges to Govt without water supply and paying huge amount to tanker mafia. I request Arif Alvi to continue efforts till its resolution.