PTI's Proposals for Karachi Water Crisis

PTI has shared a comprehensive proposal to the Govt of Sindh of their proposals for solving the water crisis in Karachi

SHORT TERM and concrete plans for this summer (2016): 

  1. Immediate repair of the water pumps = Rs 1 Billion
  2. Standby Electricity from Thatta / Gharo to be managed by Karachi Electric as loss of electricity results in wastage of water spilling into the Arabian sea
  3. 4 Km electricity line that needs repair Rs 4 Crore
  4. Closure of illegal water hydrants & tanker mafia (Rangers had closed Chakragoth hydrant, but the mafia opened another one at Lalabad which siphons off water coming to NA250 areas). Rangers to help do this throughout Karachi.
  5. Major illegal connections for factories estimated at 20 MGD must be closed.
  6. Education and efforts by the public for water conservation


MID TERM plan to be completed in two years:

  1. Purchase of four new water pumps for Dhabeji, each having a capacity of 25+MGD
  2. Construction of water conduit from Haleji to Dhabeji which will add 69 MGD of water for Karachi


LONG TERM Plan within 5 years:

  1. Completion of K-4 for which Federal Government is committed to share 50% of the costs.  This will ensure that Karachi gets about 1200 MGD of Water.
  2. Start re-cycling of water, to be used for other than domestic purposes
  3. Install Water Desalination plants

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