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We, as your ex-elected parliamentarians from the constituency of Karachi NA-250, PS-112 & PS-113 NOW it is NA-247, PS-110 & PS-111 (predominantly DHA, Clifton & Saddar areas) welcome you to the NA-250 website, this is our web portal to establish communication with you and keep you updated on our activities throughout the constituency, from legislative work, to our efforts to solve your issues like Health, Education, Environment & Security in the area.  This portal is also designed to help you raise issues, concerns and lodge complaints from your neighbourhood or simply contact your elected representative

We will always remain indebted to the thousands of supporters who came out to vote for Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf and it is our endeavour to make this constituency a role model constituency to do good beyond politics and truly make a difference in Pakistan. 

Please click on any item to see only some of the work done by Dr Arif Alvi from his twitter timeline – Health, Water, Education, NA250, Karachi

Join us to make a difference in Pakistan.

Your Team

Dr. Arif Alvi  (Twitter) (Facebook)
Imran Ismail (Twitter)
Khurrum Sher Zaman - MPA (Twitter) (Facebook)

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    Report by Dr Arif Alvi on his Five years representing you


    Dear NA 247 Voters


    Representing you in the National Assembly has been my privilege and my Pride.  Many of you stood in line for hours to cast your vote to change in Pakistan – we all were expecting tremendous results hoping to see Imran Khan as our prime minister, but it was not so, PTI & Imran Khan ended up in the opposition and you have witnessed that over the five years PTI has struggled diligently to strengthen democracy by playing our due role as a genuine opposition, which in all criticism is also an integral part of democracy

    To this day I stand accountable to you as to the work I have done in the five years. Despite being the only elected MNA and two supporting MPAs in Sindh from PTI, we have tried our best and have accomplished a lot without any government support or any funding for that matter.

    Issues Discussed are 

    • Parliamentary Work
    • Water
    • CBC
    • Education
    • Health
    • Million Tree Tsunami
    • Philanthropic Work


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    Appreciation by Railway Minister for Rehabilitating Railway School

    Saad_Rafique_praises_Arif_Alvi_NA250.jpegMr Saad Rafique Minister of Pakistan Railways in a Tweet acknowledged our work regarding Railway School and praised TCF also. I have heard that on 13th October Mr Rafique thanked me publicly on a TV show. When my name is taken, it is only as one leader of this excellent team so I thank you all specially Samar Khan MPA, Samina, Zahid Sahib and many more.

    PTI Education team did a fantastic job in rehabilitating the Railway School in NA250 PS113. Since these efforts were undertaken under a tri-partite agreement between us (Dr Arif Alvi MNA & Samar Khan MPA), The Citizen’s Foundation and Ministry of Railways that was signed in July 2015 the enrollment went up to its maximum from 750 students to 1350 students, and remarkably the pass percentage in matric has improved from 19% to 73%.

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    Road Work in DHA

    22221945_10155069854953063_8175265594573920085_n.jpgAfter the recent rains in Karachi many roads across DHA were in horrid state - with the help of MNA Dr Arif Alvi, MPA Samar Ali Khan and PTI Councillors pursuing these issues with CBC - the CBC team has started repairing these roads and many more to come - Khy-e-Ittehad, Khy-e-Sehr

    Your elected lawmakers have to lobby with govt organizations and it is with their cooperation work gets done - we must appreciate CBC for following up on this pressing issue - we've also been assured that other roads are also being repaired

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    PTI helps the People of Karachi in Rain Floods

    Karachi yet again facing the wrath of the rainy weather and once again the So called custodians of the mandate the Local Government and the provincial government has been exposed. 

    The city was literally submerged and there was no one to take care of the city and the residents. Dr Arif Alvi spent all day on Roads of Karachi In North Nazimabad, Liaqatabad, and other areas of District central and East carrying out rescue operations. Standing by the people of the city.

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    Amendments to Electoral Reforms Bill 2017 moved by Dr Arif Alvi


    Dr Arif Alvi has moved 65 amendments to the Electoral Reforms Bill and they will come up for discussion in the National Assembly on 21st August 2017. PTI believes that there are four very major issues which will not allow free and fair elections unless our recommendations are accepted:

    1. Biometric Identification
    2. Overseas Pakistanis Voting
    3. Reconstitution of ECP as the new bill is passed
    4. Setting up of Caretaker government in consultation with all parties
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    Report against Akhter Buland Rana Auditor General of Pakistan

    Akhter Buland Rana has now been convicted to 12 months in prison 

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    JIT Report 1st Volume pages 1-254

    JIT.jpgThe 1st volume of the JIT report (from pages 1-254) is being published here as a Pdf file. All those interested in a corruption free Pakistan must read this and form their own fair opinion on how cleverly the Sharif family has pilfered money from Pakistan and has acquired huge wealth based on corruption, money laundering and misuse of his office.

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    Chaotic & corrupt Sindh Govt vehicle management system Karachi

    Protocol.jpgThis survey was conducted by concerned citizens of Karachi, Nazim Haji, Naeem Sadiq & others, due to serious issues of use of illegal number plates and unregistered vehicles plying on our streets. It is indeed shocking to note that the Sindh Govt, Karachi Police and all officials are a major party in this illegal activity.

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    Panama Judgement Reviewed by Dr Arif Alvi

    Dr Arif Alvi has closely studied and read through the entire 549 page Panama Case Judgement given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the order of which only, was read out in the open court on April 20th 2017.  He has highlighted some important aspects in YELLOW, while some very important parts are highlighted in RED. He was also present during the preparation of the case by PTI and physically attended the majority of the hearings in the Supreme Court during almost all the hearings.

    In a Facebook half an hour live session he explains his findings.  The full judgement with highlighted sections is below the Facebook session.

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    Arif Alvi speaks in NA about Saudi Alliance

    Arif Alvi speaks on the floor of the National Assembly on the Saudi lead Military Alliance on an Adjornment motion moved by PTI

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