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Dr. Arif Alvi
MNA (NA-250)

 Khurrum Sher Zaman

Khurrum Sherzaman
MPA (PS-112)

Samar Ali Khan

Samar Ali Khan
MPA (PS-113)

We, as your elected parliamentarians from the constituency of Karachi NA-250, PS-112 & PS-113 (predominantly DHA, Clifton & Saddar areas) welcome you to the NA-250 website, this is our web portal to establish communication with you and keep you updated on our activities throughout the constituency, from legislative work, to our efforts to solve your issues like Health, Education, Environment & Security in the area.  This portal is also designed to help you raise issues, concerns and lodge complaints from your neighbourhood or simply contact your elected representative

We will always remain indebted to the thousands of supporters who came out to vote for Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf and it is our endeavour to make this constituency a role model constituency to do good beyond politics and truly make a difference in Pakistan. Our focus remains HealthEducationEnvironment & Security issues but these need to be tackled along with day-to-day concerns of the residents of this area.

Join us to make a difference in Pakistan.

Your Team

Dr. Arif Alvi - MNA
Samar Ali Khan - MPA
Khurrum SherZaman - MPA

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    Free Eye Camp in Qayyumabad

    IMG-20170313-WA0025.jpgNA-250 Health Committee organised a Free Eye Camp in Qayyumbad Sector D on Sunday, March 12, 2017. The camp catered to a total of 442 patients that included 189 males and 253 females along with children and the elderly. There were 12 cataract patients identified for surgery, 110 free spectacles and 150 free eye drops were distributed to those in need. 

    MNA NA-250 Dr. Arif Alvi and MPA PS-113 Samar Ali Khan visited the camp and interacted with the patients. Dr. Sanjay Gangwani and Dr. Samiya Noor Khan were present throughout the day helping the patients in ensuring their checkups. District South General Secretary Shahzad Qureshi also visited the camp and spoke with the local residents.

    We would like to thank the NA-250 Health Committee team especially Drs. Sanjay Gangwani and Samiya Noor Khan for their active participation and the UC-37 Korangi team comprising Shakeel Khan and Raja Asif.

    Report prepared by Sairah Khalid.

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    Khurrum Sher Zaman speaks in Sindh Assembly about water shortage

    Clifton Blocks of Karachi have been having constant water crisis issues since many years - Khurrum Sher Zaman has been hard at trying to solve these issues but the corrupt sindh govt refuses to provide relief to the people of this area

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    Only because we stood for the rights of Karachi, Sindh


    In the Meeting of the NA Standing Committee of Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control on 14th February, I had objected that the PSDP budget of the Ministry, for Sindh was a paltry Rs 48 Million compared to Rs 400 Million in Punjab and Rs 180 Million in Islamabad. I made a strong statement to the Ministry and refused to sign or approve the budget.

    Because of my protest, within days, the Ministry added a project worth Rs 625 million in Karachi. Frequently we see that the parties who claim the mandate from Sindh compromise on these issues. This is a victory for the rights of Sindh and getting a benefit for Karachi in forums that matter.

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    Elections Bill 2017 Amendments proposed by Dr Arif Alvi


    The Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms was formed after the PTI's relentless struggle against Electoral Rigging.  Four members represented the party: Dr Arif Alvi, Dr Shireen Mazari, Mr Shafqat Mehmood and Senator Shibli Faraz. In its long deliberations there was an attempt to evolve a consensus. A sub-committees was formed to draft a new bill and do away with 9 existing laws, to have everything comprehensively in one place. Another sub-committee that was chaired by Dr Arif Alvi was formed for three important projects, that of Voting of Overseas Pakistanis, Electronic Voting Machines and Biometric Identification of the voter.  More than 80 meetings of the sub-committees were held and with a lot of hard work by PTI members, the Bill was formulated. Because it still carries a lot of flaws which PTI pointed out during its formulation, amendments have been tabled by Dr Alvi after comprehensive party deliberations. A report was also submitted by Dr Alvi to the main committee on the excellent work done by his sub-committee on EVM's, Overseas voting, and Biometric IDs. This report would be posted later.

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    Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill

    It was matter of great pride for me when the Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill introduced by me in 2015 (see the full text here - ) it was passed in the National Assembly during the last session.  The bill went through the committee where the government brought its own version and both the bills were then clubbed together.

    I must acknowledge that the real efforts over the years on this issue were made by the late Mr Justice (R) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui, however typically the government neither recognised its own Governor nor the prime mover of the bill, that was me, for the efforts made. 

    However the Bill in its final form is a good piece of legislation and has the potential of reducing the burden on the courts. It will be used in civil disputes and encourage people to resolve their problems through mediation and reconciliation.  In my speech I tried to make the parliamentarians understand the merits of the bill and the concept of mediation itself which few people can really grasp. It is different from arbitration. Must watch:

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    Sindh neglected in Interior Ministry's PSDP budget 2017-18


    In the National Assembly Standing Committee on Ministry of Interior & Narcotics Control of which I am a member, the PSDP budget for 2017-18 was presented on 14th February 2017. It was really shocking to see that there were no projects for Sindh and very little funds were earmarked as compared to other provinces.  I raised a strong protest on the issue and refused to pass such a budget proposal. My objections are as follows:

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    Dr Arif Alvi visits Sehwan Sharif after suicide attack

    WhatsApp_Image_2017-02-17_at_2.05.16_PM.jpegHave been in Sehwan since early morning. Total chaos people are very angry — MS of Sehwan's 200 bed hospital told me that they have only 5 doctors & no surgeon

    Only First aid possible in Sehwan's 200 bed hospital so all dying & injured in the attack very sent hours away to Nawabshah & Jamshoro sadly many have died on the way

    The 50 bed Trauma Center in Sehwan hospital was totally empty with ZERO patients & was being washed in preparation for Nawaz Sharif & Chief Minister Sindh visit. Emergency had only one patient

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    Eye Camp Islamia Collegiate, Hijrat Colony

    IMG-20170212-WA0011.jpgNA-250 Health Committee organised a Free Eye Camp at Islamia Collegiate, Hijrat Colony on Sunday, February 12, 2017.

    The camp was attended by MPA Khurrum Sher Zaman, DMC South Councillor Sairah Khalid, NA-250 Health Committee members Dr. Sanjay Gangwani, Dr. Samiya Noor Khan, CBC Councillor Adeeba Hasan and myself. The camp was an extremely successful event as a large population of the colony were witnessed attending.

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    PTI Encouraging Science Education

    Students all over Pakistan are weak in Science & Maths. In NA-250 we have done a lot of science fairs just to create more interest as the future of our nation depends on these young brilliant minds to lead the way forward

    This activity was done by Pakistan Science Club - at Govt Girls School Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Clifton

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